Animal Care

When making arrangements to provide for your family, don't forget pets! Like our other family members, pets are a big part of our lives, and as with any member of a family, it's important to arrange for their care should you become incapacitated or die.  Don't assume your friends or relatives will adopt or even temporarily care for your pets - many of the animals that are surrendered to shelters each year are there after finding themselves homeless after the death of their owners.  The creation of a pet trust allows you to plan for the care of your animal.  Select two or three caregivers and discuss the details with them.  It is easier to make these arrangements and less of a burden on your caregivers if you are able to provide resources to cover the cost of your pet's care, including food, medical needs and other supplies.  

Steven Wee Law Office can help you with these arrangements so that your estate planning is truly comprehensive and doesn't leave any part of the family behind. 

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