Reasons to Choose a Will over a Revocable Living Trust in Spokane

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Are you trying to decide between establishing a will or a revocable living trust in Spokane, Washington? This can be a complicated matter, especially if you’re not familiar with estate planning. To make an informed decision, you must be familiar with probate. Probate is the process of administering the estate of someone who has passed away. This includes following the instructions provided by a will and addressing claims made against the deceased. While this process can be long and expensive in other states, Washington residents rarely have any problems. As a result, a will is often a better option. Keep the following factors in mind as you decide which is right for you in Spokane. 


It’s much more expensive for a lawyer to create and maintain a living trust than it is to establish a simple will. 


Choosing a living trust over a will means you will be responsible for transferring all of your assets over the course of your lifetime. This can be difficult. If left undone, the probate process will probably be more complicated.


Living trusts are much more complex than wills are. It’s not uncommon for people to have problems understanding their own estate planning documents.

Want to Speak with a Lawyer about Your Will in Spokane?

Do you need to speak with a lawyer about your will in Spokane, Washington? While revocable living trusts are sometimes the right answer, it’s important to speak with a professional about your specific circumstances before finalizing your estate plans. Contact the experts at Steven Wee Law Office in Spokane today! Our lawyers can provide the guidance you need to move forward. We’ve built our reputation on being courteous, compassionate, and capable of handling any business law or church law needs. You can also count on us when developing a living will or health care directives

Wills and Estate Planning in Spokane

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Understanding the Importance of an Advance Directive in Mead

advance directiveDo you have an “advance directive” established for yourself in Mead, Washington? No matter how old you are, it’s important to think about unpleasant subjects occasionally. While you don’t expect to lose the ability to make your own decisions, having a legal document detailing your wishes is prudent. Doctors and loved ones will have a clear understanding of what your wishes are if they have an advance directive to reference. Keep the following information in mind as you begin thinking about these legally binding documents with your lawyer in Mead.


An advance directive provides guidance for family and doctors in cases when you’re unable to provide it yourself. Your lawyer will have you create both a living will and establish a health care surrogate. A living will provides specific health care directives to your medical team, while a surrogate provides durable power of attorney. Both documents can be changed at any time.


It’s never too early to establish an advanced directive. You can choose to create your documents while you’re 100 percent healthy, or after being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Continue Reading →

Family Estate Planning Questions to Consider in Cheney

family estate planning questions, family estate planningHave you and your significant other taken the necessary legal precautions to protect your children if something happens to both of you in Cheney, Washington? Family estate planning is important for couples of every age, especially if children are involved. While the hope is that you will be an active participant in their lives, accidents do happen. It’s always better to be prepared. While a lawyer can provide assistance specific to your circumstances, ask yourself these questions before estate planning in Cheney.

1. Who do you want to take care of your children in your absence?

You and your significant other need to select the individual(s) you want to care for your children if you die at the same time. Many parents identify guardians in wills and trusts. Be sure to inform the person or persons in question about your desires before finalizing your family estate planning paperwork.

2. How will your children receive your estate assets?

Without input from you, your children will have access to your assets via their new legal guardian, but only with court approval. Afterward, all remaining assets would be distributed without condition. An estate planning lawyer can, however, help you create more specific distribution guidelines. Continue Reading →

Estate Planning for Parents with Young Children in Cheney

estate planning, estate planning childrenIf something happens to you and your spouse in Cheney, Washington, are your children protected? While young couples are at less risk, estate planning is still important. This is especially true when children are involved. Fortunately, there are several ways you and your lawyer can protect your children’s future now. Taking steps now will ensure your children will be properly cared for if something does happen to both of you. Gain peace of mind by considering the following measures during estate planning in Cheney.

1. Create a Will

While you may feel that you have few assets to include in a will, you can still name guardians for your children. Without a will to use as guidance, a judge will have to assign guardianship without your input. Keep in mind that you can specify different people for each child if you think it’s necessary. Continue Reading →

Benefits of a Living Trust in Airway Heights

living trustAre you considering establishing a living trust in Airway Heights, Washington? As you proceed with your estate planning, it’s important to realize that a living trust is different from a last will. Wills dictate the distribution of your assets after your death, while a living trust actually takes affect during your lifetime. If you become ill, incapacitated, or pass away, the control of your trust is transferred to your successor trustee. There are many benefits to creating a living trust, but it’s important to speak with a lawyer before making your decision. Keep the following benefits in mind as you make plans in Airway Heights.

1. You Can Avoid the Wait of Probate

Wills and trusts work differently. One big difference is that a living trust is not subject to the probate process. This means that your assets can be distributed faster. A will can take months or years to process, but a living trust allows assets to be transferred within weeks. Continue Reading →

Questions to Ask a Potential Estate Lawyer in Nine Mile Falls

Steve WeeAre you looking for an estate lawyer in Nine Mile Falls, Washington? Planning for your future and the future of your loved ones once you’re gone is extremely important. It’s equally important to find a reliable lawyer to assist you through the estate planning process. Not all legal representatives will be right for you, however. To ensure you receive the expert legal assistance you deserve, ask your potential estate lawyer these questions in Nine Mile Falls.

1. How long have you been practicing law?

Whether you need assistance with wills and trusts or health care directives, you should always verify how long the estate lawyer has been practicing. While beginner lawyers may offer lower rates, experience should also impact your decision to hire him or her.

2. What type of cases do you typically handle?

You should always question a potential estate lawyer about the types of cases they typically handle. If you need assistance planning for children, then it’s smart to seek out a professional who has experience working on this kind of estate planning.

3. Who do you usually represent?

It’s also important to ask a potential estate lawyer about their usual client base. This question is often overlooked, but shouldn’t be. Does he or she work primarily with corporations, individuals, or families? Obviously, you want to hire someone who frequently works with people like yourself. Continue Reading →

Deer Park Business Law: Selecting the Right Entity Type for Your New Business

Deer Park Business Law, entity typeAre you planning to start your own business in Deer Park, Washington? Business law can be very complicated and difficult to understand. It’s important, therefore, to ensure your company is correctly designated. Consider these common entity types; then speak with a lawyer to ensure you select the right entity type for your business needs.

Sole Proprietorship

A Sole Proprietorship is an ideal entity type for individuals or married couples running a simple business. Even a small, family-owned company like this must adhere to all business law and regulations.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

LLCs are formed by one or more individuals must file a document detailing factors like management and interest assignability. In most cases, this designation protects the owners from lawsuits. A business law expert can assist with the application process. Continue Reading →

Why Estate Planning Is So Important in Liberty Lake

estate planningThinking about the future is important. That’s why you should take estate planning and preparation in Liberty Lake seriously. Regardless of your income and property holdings, you should work with a lawyer to write a will, establish health care directives, and plan for your children’s’ futures. Putting these tasks off can have unfortunate and expensive repercussions for the loved ones you leave behind. Carefully consider these reasons for estate planning in mind. Then find a reliable law firm to assist you with your individual situation.

Ensures Assets Are Distributed Properly

Establishing wills and trusts is how individuals can ensure their assets are properly distributed after their passing. If you have money or specific items you wish to leave to the special people in your life, estate planning allows you to make these designations.

Protects Your Children

Do you have young children? If so, it’s important for you take steps to ensure they’re cared for if you’re suddenly unable to do so. A lawyer can help you establish a plan for your children, as well as designate who should care for them in the future. Continue Reading →

Writing a Will in Spokane

writing a willIt’s never too early to begin thinking about the future. Writing a will is important, even early in your life. While a will can always be adjusted, it can never be written after the fact. Should your circumstances change, you can speak with your lawyer to adjust your will at any time. Consider these great reasons for writing a will as part of your estate planning process in Spokane.

Choose Who Gets What

Whether you have a large family or just a few close relatives, it’s important to decide who gets what part of your estate. While everyone may get along now, you can help avoid unnecessary fighting after you’re gone by setting up wills and trusts to allocate your cherished belongings and possessions.

Protect Your Children

If you have children who are minors, making sure they’re cared for in the event of your passing is paramount. By writing a will a lawyer can assist you in establishing care for your children so they’re supported even after you’re gone. Tomorrow isn’t promised, so be sure your children are protected no matter what happens. Continue Reading →

Finding Reliable Estate Planning Assistance in Spokane Valley

reliable estate planningAre you looking for reliable estate planning assistance in Spokane Valley, Washington? If you’re ready to create a will, trust, or health care directive, you should speak with a lawyer who has estate planning experience right away. Probates can be confusing for the loved ones you leave behind, so it’s important that you begin planning early so you receive the help you need and deserve. Here are several great tips to ensure you find a reliable law firm in your area.

1. Speak with Others Your Age

Speaking with individuals your age is a great way to begin your search for a reliable estate planning provider. Chances are, if you’re thinking about estate planning, others you know are too. Find out which law firm your co-workers, neighbors, and friends have worked with in the past.

2. Look Online

Another way to find reliable estate planning assistance is to search for law firms online. Most practices today have well-maintained websites with detailed information about their philosophy and services. It’s a good idea to spend time researching various firms extensively before agreeing to a consultation. Continue Reading →